Terms & Conditions


  1. Life Time Free Service: LIGROZ JEWELLERY offers free repair and polish service for all minor repairs and polishes on all Gold and Diamond Jewellery purchased from us, for the entire life term of the jewel.
      1. The original invoice has to be provided each time to claim this offer.
      2. Exclusions:
        1. This offer is not applicable for Silver products.
        2. This offer is not applicable for jewellery that cannot be polished, reworked, or repaired in our manufacturing unit, i.e., for repairs that are outsourced.
        3. Any tampering of the jewel or repairing outside the company will nullify the company's free service, exchange, return, repurchase policy, and the article will be treated as if it was not purchased from us. In such cases, the company shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever.
      3. Charges will be levied for additional materials used that are needed for the repair or restoration of the jewel.
      4. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
      5. In case of special, unforeseen circumstances, we may refuse to provide this offer.
  2. Conditions and Terms of Sales
      1. Customers are requested to verify all the details of the jewellery upon delivery. Once the goods are delivered, no complaints or disputes shall be entertained.
      2. Any inquiry pertaining to the jewellery will be addressed only if the original invoice and original bill/certificate/guarantee card of LIGROZ JEWELLERS are provided along with the jewellery. Kindly ensure that you keep them safe for any future reference.
      3. The company guarantees the purity of gold and quality of diamonds, as specified in the invoice.
      4. The weight and quantity as measured by the company shall be final and binding. Kindly check the gross weight before accepting the delivery.
      5. For the net weight and weight of stones set in the jewellery, the company assures the weight before they were set in the jewellery, and any concerns regarding this can be addressed with us.
      6. Should there be a concern or doubt in this regard, the stones, enamel, etc., will need to be dismounted from the jewel. All costs and charges for the same and remaking will have to be paid by the client additionally.
      7. Certain types of jewellery are billed on gross weight, and we cannot guarantee the exact net weight of the metal for such jewels. In case your product falls into this category, kindly check the required details with the salesperson before accepting the delivery of the product.
      8. Note: Tarnishing of diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, and silver jewellery and utensils is not considered a manufacturing defect. Please refer to section 4.12 for details.
      9. In all payment options other than cash, the delivery of the product will be done after the cheque/transfer is realized and the payment is received in our account.
      10. Identity proof and all relevant documents as per local laws are mandatory during any purchase/transaction.
      11. We do not allow any credit or due payments on our bills.
      12. Products will be delivered only after 100% payment is received by the company.
  3. Conditions and Terms for Customized Orders and Repairs
      1. The customer needs to provide consent while placing the order.
      2. For Diamond Jewellery, 75% and for Gold Jewellery, 100% of the total estimated value of the product has to be paid in advance for us to commence the work. The balance 25% amount has to be paid on or before accepting the delivery of the product.
      3. The rate of gold confirmed on the order form will be applicable. Kindly ensure that you have confirmed the applicable gold rate with the salesperson before placing the order.
        1. If 100% of the advance for the gold is not paid, the rate on the date of order or the delivery date, whichever is higher, will be charged to the client.
      4. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled or changed/modified. In case the order is canceled before delivery, the client will have to compensate for all costs and charges to the company.
      5. Delivery of all articles can be accepted only by providing the original order/repair receipt.
      6. Payment: Same as 2.8
      7. Order Time Lines: All orders/repairs will be delivered after 6:00 PM on the due date mentioned in the order form.
        1. LIGROZ JEWELLERS takes utmost care to complete the order within the specified time. However, as all our jewellery is handcrafted, there are chances of slight delays. The actual delivery date may vary depending upon the type of jewellery. In case of a delay, the company cannot be held responsible and is not liable to provide any compensation to the client due to the delay.
        2. Once the order or repair articles are ready, the client will be notified via call, message, or email.
        3. The articles need to be collected within 30 days of notification, beyond which the company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the ordered or repair article.
        4. Delayed pickup or delivery will attract additional charges beyond those already agreed upon during the placement of the order.
        5. All jewellery is handcrafted, either partially or fully. Hence, the reproduction may not be identical to the sample or design provided. A variation in design and weight is likely to occur, which is unavoidable. The company takes extreme care in making such pieces but cannot be held responsible for any such variation in the product.
        6. Each of our jewels bears a seal showing purity in terms of percentage. Kindly ensure the same upon delivery.
        7. LIGROZ JEWELLERS reserves the right to cancel any order at any stage or time. It is completely at the company's discretion.
  4. Orders Using Clients Raw Materials and/or Stones AND Orders Received for Repair
    1. We undertake orders using Customer’s Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Gems, beads, etc., of Natural Origin or otherwise under the following conditions:
      1. A Consent form, accepting the Terms and Conditions, needs to be agreed upon by the Customer while placing orders online.
    2. The company does not take responsibility or provide any guarantee or assurance regarding the Quality, Nature, and Authenticity of the Diamonds, Gems, Beads, whether natural or otherwise, received from the customer for purposes of Valuation, Making, Remaking, and Repair.
    3. The Company shall levy an additional Handling Charge for creating a jewel with customer-provided diamonds/Gemstones.
    4. The weight or quantity of such products measured by us shall be final and binding. Customers are advised to check the specific details of their product with the Salesperson before confirming the order.
    5. The company assures that it will use the same stones as given by the client and shall not change or replace them without the specific request of the client.
    6. For Customer Beads, Corals, Pearls, and other similar items, the stones or beads may need to be drilled or pasted as required for making the Jewellery. We will take utmost care in setting, drilling, pasting, and stringing such diamonds, gemstones, beads when using them to create the customer's Jewel.
      1. The client agrees to permit the company to do the same and agrees to pay any additional charges, if applicable, for these services.
    7. However, due to the intricate process of jewellery making, there is a risk of breakage of these diamonds, stones, or beads. In such incidents, the company does not take responsibility, and no compensation will be provided to the client.
    8. Nevertheless, we may assist the client in repairing, resetting, or replacing the stones, subject to the availability of similar stones. In such cases, all costs for repair or replacement must be borne by the customer.
    9. In all cases where the client's own metal, stones, gems, beads, etc., are used, the Company’s Seal may not be affixed to the jewellery.
    10. During the repair and re-polishing of jewellery, it is natural for dust and dirt to be removed, and there may be a minor loss of metal weight or breakage of gems or stones. This is a part of the restoration process, and the company cannot be held responsible for such weight loss or damage to stones.
    11. In the case of enamel painted and rhodium coated jewellery, the enamel paint may wear off, and the luster of rhodium coating may reduce, fade, disappear, or melt during repair. Machine-made jewellery, when repaired, might have rough and visible soldering parts. The company cannot be held responsible for any change in the appearance of these jewels, and no compensation, refund, or exchange can be demanded in such cases.
    12. Tarnishing of Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, and Silver Jewellery and utensils is not considered a Manufacturing Defect. Tarnishing, oxidation, or turning black of the Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, or Silver articles on the surface or at the soldering points or on any part of the jewel cannot be considered as a sign of impurity. Oxidation is a natural phenomenon. Hence, in such cases, the customer is not entitled to a free exchange, refund, re-polish, remaking, or replacement of the article. Repair and polishing charges will apply.
    13. Customers are requested to verify the weight and all other details, including the specifications written and mentioned in the Order or repair form, when providing items for repair. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the details before proceeding with the order.
    14. Failure to do so will result in the weight or quantity measured by the Company being considered final and binding.
    15. Special Offers, discounts, and promotions are not applicable to orders using client-provided stones or any repair items.
    16. Orders and Repair requests, once confirmed, cannot be cancelled, changed, or modified. Any requested changes will be subject to additional charges, as applicable.
    17. Other terms and conditions are in line with standard business practices and customs.
    18. VAT, other taxes, charges, and surcharges are excluded from the prices quoted unless otherwise mentioned. The rate of tax prevailing on the date of billing is applicable.
    19. The Customer acknowledges and accepts the associated risks and requests the company to proceed with the order. The customer is not entitled to any compensation or free replacement in such cases. All charges for replacements are to be borne by the customer.